Our Story

ez blade


EZ BLADE had humble beginnings and a background built from hours spent in a barbershop. We started off as barbers who are still very passionate about the craft. Our mission was to give our clients the best shave possible. We wanted them to leave looking good and feeling good about their decision to visit us. We focused on using quality blades and shaving products with premium ingredients. 

 Over the years, we realized that there was a lack of companies that catered to our needs. While there wasn’t a shortage of shaving products and razors on the market, none of them fit our agenda. We were looking for American made, high quality, trustworthy products that not only made our shaving jobs easier, but also gave our clients a better experience. This passion and drive led us to create the world’s first clear shaving gel. The clear shaving gel was our child and the spark that started the fire that later became the EZ Blade company. We realized that in order to offer the best experience possible and to find the products that we wanted to use, we would need to make them ourselves.

 In 2010, EZ Blade opened its doors online to the public. Because we knew exactly what we as barbers wanted, we could cater to barbers all over the world. However, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just barbers; we felt (and still feel) that men all over the world deserve an enjoyable shaving experience. Our knowledge and commitment to using only the finest ingredients for products as well as sharp straight razors meant that we could also provide men at home with a fantastic shaving experience outside of the barbershop. Using American made, high quality products with natural ingredients instead of artificial ones made this possible. 

 While our first love will always be the barbershop, you can rest assured that we are equally driven to crafting the best products for the best shaving experience possible. So whether you are a barber looking to up your game or a man who wants a better morning shave experience, you can trust EZ Blade to deliver.